General Overview of ALI


The Academic Leadership Institute will help mid-career faculty members advance their careers, and in so doing, provide leadership for their organization. Mid-career faculty members are the next generation of institutional leaders and are in a singular position to both weather the evolution underway in LACs and use these external and internal forces of change to innovate and create the LACs of the future.

The overarching goals of the ALI for mid-career faculty are to help you to extend your influence as an academic leader across your roles and responsibilities within your institutions and to help you develop strategies to advance your careers as you navigate through and beyond the mid-career stage.


As a participate in the Academic Leadership Institute for Mid-Career Faculty in the GLCA,  you will leave having:

  • Increased your leadership skill development in the areas of influence, persuasion, negotiation and conflict management;
  • Broadened your perspective to understand the need to align solutions to leadership challenges with institutional and individual needs and goals.
  • Refined career development plans to identify concrete ways to take on new informal and formal academic leadership roles;
  • Understood how to manage and advance your work successfully in diverse components of the faculty career, including teaching, research and scholarly productivity, and work-life concerns and responsibilities;
  • Learned new tools to develop personal and professional resiliency to handle leadership challenges. 

ALI Mid-Career Sponsors

Hewlett Mellon Fund for Faculty Development at Albion College - $30,000

Hewlett Mellon Fund for Faculty Development at Albion College - $30,000

Academic Leadership Initiative for Mid-Career Faculty - $50,000

Academic Leadership Initiative for Mid-Career Faculty - $50,000

Principal Investigator - Vicki L. Baker

CO-Principal Investigators - Meghan J. Pifer and Laura Gail Lunsford