"I appreciate how the sessions provided increasingly detailed scaffolding so that I was easily able to create my leadership plan."
"Most useful was content about where mid career faculty situate themselves and some of the content around balancing expectations and envisioning specific directions."
 "MidCareer faculty information was great. Thursday was chock full of relevant information."
 "I learned a lot about how to become a better mentor and leader. I learned about my strengths, weaknesses, and it was great to hear others ideas and to share in a safe environment."
 "Thank you, thank you!!!! You put in a lot of work to make a great workshop and to bring together a great group. Great job!!"
 "Thank you so much for this information - it will be invaluable to me back at my institution."

"Hello Vicki,
I just want to thank you for organizing (together with Meghan and Laura) an interesting and useful workshop. Your work gave me many things to think about and I look forward to using some of the ideas covered to advance my unit goals, as well as my personal goals. I also appreciate your enthusiasm and positive attitude – it is easy to get bogged down in one’s every day work and the need to solve all those “urgent and important” problems that constantly pop up; stepping back to reflect is important. Thanks for providing some space for that and encouraging us to find the space to do so upon our return.
I hope to be the poster boy for what the ALI Mid-Career workshop can achieve.
ALI Participant"