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Interview with Vicki L. Baker in The Academic Woman

Vicki L Baker, PhD, Professor in Economics & Management at Albion College in Michigan, USA, is an internationally acknowledged driving force in faculty and leadership development, with a particular focus on enabling women to achieve their full potential in academia and business. We asked her to explain what this entails, and to outline any challenges she has met along the way throughout her career.


Podcast with Vicki L Baker on The Academic Life hosted by Dana Malone on the New Books Network

How to Navigate Mid-Career Choices as a Faculty Member

In this episode you’ll hear about a new, versatile resource for women associate professors, flipping the script on the mid-career stage, finding joy in the work and taking stock of priorities, as well as the importance of building a personalized mentor group. Focus on Vicki’s book - Charting Your Path to Full: A Guide for Women Associate Professors.

How To: Create a Mentor Network

In this episode you’ll hear about: how mentoring differs from friendship, common (mis)perceptions of how mentoring happens across the academy, what makes a great mentor, steps to take when connecting with a potential mentor, and how to construct your optimal “board of advisors.”

Charting Your Path: Managing Mid-Career Transitions

The purpose of this webinar is to assist mid-career faculty across the academy in navigating through various mid-career transitions and career paths successfully. Together, we will focus on three critical concepts: Your Contribution, the PSEI (Purpose, Scope, Evidence of Impact) Framework, and a Mentoring Need Inventory. Tools, strategies, and frameworks will be offered to support your growth and career advancement.

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Podcast with Vicki L. Baker On the Brink Podcast with Andi Simon

Dr. Vicki Baker's sixth book in five years solidifies her standing as a nationally recognized expert in the unique issues faced by mid-career faculty in higher education. As she coaches numerous professionals, she has discovered a recurring theme: academicians get their degrees and often their tenure, but then get stuck or stalled in their career advancement. Is it that they need better mentors? Or do institutions need to identify and sponsor their high-performing stars earlier, and coach them along their pathways to career advancement? And this is happening not just in the world of academia. Industry is struggling with the same dilemma. Are you stuck or stalled in an academic position or a corporate career trajectory? Make a point to listen in for Vicki's solutions.

Supporting Mid-Career Faculty with Vicki Baker

In this week's episode, guest expert, Dr. Vicki Baker, E. Maynard Aris Endowed Professor of Economics and Management at Albion College in Albion, Michigan and Co-Founder of Lead Mentor Develop, joins us to talk about supporting mid-career women in higher education and opportunities and challenges for women faculty at liberal arts colleges.